Saturday, December 20, 2014

X Box Fitness And Ditching The Scale

I have always had a bit of a struggle with my weight. I have been pretty much stuck in a permanent state of wanting to lose 20 lbs for the last fifteen years or so and I recently went through a phase where I was weighing myself every morning.  I hate to admit it, but the number on the scale seemed to affect my mood. If my weight was up at all from the previous day, even just a pound or two, it set me in this kind of annoyed funk that would take me at least a few hours to shake. If I was down a pound or two, it was happy time. I finally decided that I was being way too hard on myself and I grabbed my scale and packed it away in the garage to avoid my daily weigh-ins. I have to say that the result has been quite amazing for me. My happiness is no longer dependent on that number and it has been easier for me to eat healthier and stay motivated. I think that, for me, knowing that I had gained a pound or two discouraged me from eating better. It was kind of like, "Oh well, I have already gained a pound, so I will just eat this cupcake." Now, I have no idea what the number is and I think my attitude towards food is healthier and I just feel better overall.
Around the same time I kicked the scale out of the house, I also got motivated to work out daily. I prefer to go outside and walk, but that isn't always possible for me for various reasons. Instead, I have found X Box Fitness on my X Box One. It is an interactive workout program that you can download for free and it has a ton of different workouts. Most of the workouts have one try for free workout and then if you like it, you can purchase the program. I started with the Jillian Michaels Cardio Kickbox and it is awesome because it is only twenty minutes and it is killer.  Even better, the X Box Fitness actually uses the camera on the Kinect to see you during the workout and score you on how well you are doing.
Peek-A-Boo. Do you see me?? I'm totally the one in the green sports bra and NOT the grey waving outline thing. Totally. 
It has challenges to complete and you get points for form and stamina. I find it is really motivating for me because I try to beat my previous scores and my ultimate goal is to get a perfect score on the entire workout. It is super fun. So fun, in fact, that I ended up purchasing the Jillian Michaels program. It was around $9.99 and I use it every night, so for me it was a bargain. I have noticed that in the month and a half that i have been doing it that I have a ton of energy and my clothes fit better. I haven't been focusing on the weight, partly because I am not getting on the scale, but also because I just want to feel good about myself and be healthier. 
Overall, the combination of the workouts and absence of the scale of been amazing for not only my physical health, but my mental health as well. If you or your kids have the X Box One with the Kinect, I highly recommend you check X Box Fitness out. It's a super fun way to get fit and feel healthier. Also, if you find yourself a slave to the scale like I was, try making it less accessible like I may be surprised at how good you feel without it! 

Happy Holidays!

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