Monday, December 1, 2014

Strange Signs That You Are Living With A Toddler

Today as I was cleaning my house, I came across several things that my BC (before child) self would have thought to be very strange. Since this is my eighth year in Mommyland, it all seemed quite normal to me, but I decided to share them here and see what other parents think. Take a peek and tell me if this is/was normal for you during the toddler years:

1. Snacks and crumbs hidden throughout the house
Mrs. Piggy is going to have some explaining to do when she brings these babies home.
2. Tiny toy booby traps EVERYWHERE
Toys everywhere the eye can see waiting to attack your bare feet or to send you flying across the room. Sadly, in my experience, the toys just get smaller and more painful the older they get (Legos anyone?)
3. Fingerprints on everything
For some reason even their clean hands leave sticky fingerprints. Weird...and kinda disturbing.
4. Random items in even more random places
Today I found this DVD sleeve in the bathroom shoved under the counter. Perfectly normal.
5. The bathroom door appears to be stuck in the open position

Now I didn't find this one while I was cleaning, but you cant talk about having a toddler and not mention how impossible it is to get a minute alone, even in the bathroom. Shut the door and instant screaming will commence. Using the restroom alone is a LUXURY.....a very, very sad luxury.
So there you have it...these are some "normal" everyday occurrences around here. All in all...its pretty awesome! Hope your day is great!


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