Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Rainy Day Snuggles And A Creepy Windsock Hot Dog

Today is one of our rare rainy and cold days and as if that wasn't good enough, my little one has been extra snuggly today.
Feelin the lurve!
After the snugglefest, someone (me) needed lunch ASAP because they (me) were getting hangry. I decided to make some quick veggies with a side of Nathan's hot dog and this is what I found when I took it out of the package.....
Whaaaat?! Is it just me or does it look like one of those creepy windsock things with the waving arms that businesses inexplicably use for advertising? Suddenly, I am not hangry anymore....
Since we do not have any exciting New Year's Eve plans, we have decided to go to the store to get snacks and maybe some poppers and hats to help us ring in the new year. Perhaps we will get wild and rent a movie....woooooo!
Happy New Year! Be safe and see you in 2015!

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