Monday, December 22, 2014

A Few Highlights

I love this time of year not only for the usual festive holiday reasons, but because my daughter gets a nice long break from school. She gets to be home with us all day and we also get to take a nice long break from schedules. Today was a perfect relaxing day. I thought I would share of few of my favorite parts.

1. My daughter made me a personalized marker in her Crayola Marker Maker. She made it purple (my fav) and said she named it "Big Mama" after me.
Wow, thanks kid!
2. I made an amazing hot chocolate and drank it from my favorite mug (also made just for me by my daughter)
That's me...#1 Big Mama.
3. We finished the day drinking our cocoa, snuggling and watching Christmas movies....perfection!
Big mama loves her some Christmas movies.

And now I am off to do my absolute favorite thing....sleep. Night night!

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