Friday, December 12, 2014

Jenna Hipp Pout Polish....Nothin To Pout About

Today when I was fighting my way through the sample lines at Costco, a beautiful shiny package caught my eye.
(Insert Angels Singing Here)
Now I don't usually buy my makeup at Costco simply because I know what I like and I usually get it at Ulta or Sephora, but when I saw this shiny package of lip glosses, I was intrigued. The product is called Jenna Hipp The Lip Glossary Pout Polish Collection. If you would like to see it on the Costco website you can go here.  According to the package, the colors are: Illusion, Mountbatten Pink, Rose Cerise, and Melonaide. I think those are just fancy names for coral, rosy pink, nude, and light pink. I am usually pretty hesitant with lip glosses because I HATE when they are sticky or if they have a weird smell. Basically if either of those apply, then I am out. No way, Jose. I figured these were inexpensive enough that they were worth a shot. As soon as I got into the parking lot I ripped these bad boys open and I have to say it was instant love. They are soft and a little bit minty and the colors are so subtle with the perfect amount of shine. You can layer for a deeper color, but I like just a hint of color, so one quick layer is perfect. They were even kiss approved by my husband who said my lips felt nice and soft, not sticky at all. I wanted to share now while there is a manufacturers discount going on ( all four for only $12.99! Bargain!). I know the website says sold out online, but if you are a Costco member and you see these babies while you are there, I highly suggest you give them a shot. They would make perfect stocking stuffers as well. I love them so much I may just stock up and give them as gifts here and there and keep some in my car, purse, etc. Seriously, they are that good. So, HURRY, run, go now....before they sell out.

What is your go to lip gloss/lipstick?

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