Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Naughty List

I have a potty mouth. A pretty bad one really. I keep things a bit PG here, but when I'm talking to my family and close friends, all bets are off. I am pretty good around my 8 year old because I don't want to get a note home that my daughter called a classmate and as$hole, but my hubby and I haven't been editing too much around the baby. Those days are over though because she has recently become a parrot. There is a long standing argument in our house about who's mouth is worse, so we have decided the best way to curb the sailor talk around the baby and also finally settle the argument is to make it a contest. We have made a chart and every time we curse in front of the kids, we get a check mark. This goes on until Jan 1 when the winner will be announced. The big prize is being right....the best prize in any marriage in my opinion.  I would be lying if I said I don't occasionally go somewhere private and let a few f bombs fly...old habits die hard, but I know that we need to lead by example. In the meantime, I shall bite my tongue and say a lot of darnits and shooty-poops and hope that I win because the bragging rights will be glorious. Here is the scorecard as of today:
Team Mommy isn't looking so good.....shit. 

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