Tuesday, April 7, 2015

No Excuses, Bad Ombre, Car Dancing, And Cinderella Easter Bunnies

Geez...What a lazy lima bean I have been. I will save the excuses...I really just haven't felt inspired to blog for a while now. I figure, just like any hobby, you have to be in the mood to do it or it won't be fun, so I took a little (big) break.
Not a whole lot to catch up on really. I came down with a mysterious (not to mention painful and expensive) health issue back in January that forced me to break my awesome habit of daily workouts....sad. Since I am FINALLY feeling better, I am working on getting back on the workout wagon.

Another wonderful development that occurred during my break was what I can only describe as a "hair emergency". I will write a separate post about the experience, but to give you a little preview, I went to a salon to get a nice subtle "sombre" and my previously all natural dark blonde hair ended up like this....
Sooooo natural! GAH!
My girls are as awesome as ever (growing more and more awesome by the day!). B is learning several new words every day and is so much fun. She is a huge music lover and her newest thing is to wait for her favorite part of a song to bust some serious moves. I can't describe the cuteness, so you will have to watch for yourself.

Ohh the cuteness! She also does some serious lip syncing. I will have to get a video of that up soon because it is amazing.
E has been super busy with school and activities, but that will all be winding up VERY soon with summer break right around the corner. She was in a school play last weekend and had the part of the Easter Bunny. You might be thinking, " Oh, her school does an Easter play?" but no, it was Cinderella. Go figure.
Speaking of Easter, we had such a great family day full of Easter baskets, egg hunts, and (as always) tons and tons of food.
This is just ONE of their Easter baskets....Grandma's are awesome! 
Also for Easter, E and I made giant M&M cookies to share that were amazing. I found the recipe here and we subbed pastel M&M's for chocolate chips. We made them huge by measuring the dough with a 1/4c measuring cup. I like to make them big because I think they look impressive, plus I can say I only ate one when I really probably ate three normal size cookies.
 Bigger IS better (that's what she said). Huhuhuh. 
I think that is pretty much the gist of what has been going on here. Well, a very condensed version, but those are the highlights. I will be posting soon about my crazy salon experience because it was a doozy and I am working on getting into the habit of capturing life as it happens so I can write about it because as fast as my kids are growing and as busy as life gets, I am going to be so grateful in future that I documented these memories (I just need to force my lazy ass to do it).
Until next time...


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