Thursday, November 6, 2014

New Baby Essentials-A Boppy Update

It has been a little over a year since my Boppy post and we are still going strong. I no longer use it for breastfeeding, even though she is still nursing and probably will be until college. Instead, I now use the Boppy as part of our bedtime routine.  I must first explain that my baby is a horrendous sleeper. After trying numerous methods and reading countless blogs and books on getting baby to sleep, I have decided to just deal with it and try to be as calm and comfy as I can during the hours it takes to get her down at night. That is where the Boppy comes in. I simply put it around my waist, lay her on it, and sing until she finally drifts off to dreamland. I will then gently tiptoe to her bed and take about five minutes inching her down into her crib. Once she is down, I begin the slowest walk known to man out of the room and if I detect any movement, I will promptly hit the floor and army crawl the rest of the way out. It is a looooong process and I am so thankful that, with the Boppy,  I can at least sit down comfortably instead of the holding and pacing I used to have to do. So, in the past year, I have used the Boppy for not only nursing, but for bottle feeding and bedtime. Not bad for around forty dollars! 

This is a reenactment of how I put my baby to sleep every night. In order for it to be accurate, you must imagine the bunny's arms and legs flailing while simultaneously pulling my hair and screeching for at least 45 minutes. Good times.  
Have you tried the Bobby or similar product?
How do you get your baby to sleep?

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  1. My son still sleeps with his boppy. He uses it for his pillow now (he is 13 months) but its almost like a security blanket, he wont sleep without it. I even have to take it to his babysitters when he goes there or he refuses to baby shower gift I got!