Monday, October 21, 2013

New Baby Essentials-Dearest Boppy, I Lurve You.

As a mom to a seven week old baby girl, I know the importance of baby gear. There are thousands of products out there that all want to convince you that they are "must haves", but my number one must have this time around is definitely my Boppy. I am surprised how much I love it considering I didn't use it at all with my first child. I actually didn't even purchase one until my baby was around two weeks old and we were having latching problems. I was using small couch cushions, pillows, and even tried the Breastfriend to try to find a comfortable hold with no success. I was frustrated and sore and seriously considering giving up. I went to my lactation consultant and she had me try feeding her while using the Boppy to position her close to me and it was amazing the difference it made for both me and my baby. I was in LURVE! I purchased one on my way home that day and it has been a blissful partnership ever since. If you have one and don't think you like it, try it again. Make sure you pull your baby's bottom close to you and support the back and neck with the arm opposite to the side you are feeding on. It may sound simple and very DUHHHH to you, but it hadn't occurred to me. I absolutely love my Boppy and will remain committed to it for life (or at least until my baby is around one, then I will probably donate it. Sorry Boppy, but with two kids, this house is a bit crowded).

Whoooo loves their boppy? We do! 

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